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Company Garden – Picnic Place in Mussoorie

Company Garden is popular tourist destination at mussoorie, Dehardun, INDIA. Municipal garden also known as Company garden is located near to Mussoorie around 5 km from Mall road & 3 km from library chowk. During season, the Company Garden has a vast collection of flowers and plants.

Company Garden flowers

The garden boast of a large variety of flora and birds, it’s a must visit check list for all the nature lovers. It is being said that this cool nursery houses more than 700 different species of flowers, which offers a wide range of samplings for sale. Morning 10 AM – 5 PM evening will be ideal time to visit this beautiful flower nursery.

Company Garden Flower Nursery

Company Garden Waterfalls

Entrance fee is Rs 18 per person ( latest by April 2017 ) on the gate.

Company Garden Shops

Local shops inside the garden abound with the vibrant colours, artificial waterfall, smells and sights that define this place, There is a limited range of Rides and Attractions for all ages and thrill levels.

Company Garden Amusement Park

Please respect the nature & don’t pluck the flowers. People tend to make Bollywood pose with the beautiful flowery background. Some over enthusiastic people hop onto the garden full of flowers to make good selfie for social media which is very shameful. You can instantly witness lethal stare & whistle from the guard.

Company Garden Boating

This park also has a small pond where you can enjoy pedal boat rides. Boating charge is Rs 75. Though the pond is small but ticks the checklist of the water adventure. Tourist also like the  amazing view of nearby hills which adds extra advantage so you can sit back and relax enjoying cool natural breeze while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

Company Garden Parking

This place also has a Telescope Where visitors can take opportunity to get Himalayan views by paying Rs 50. If you haven’t visited wax museums before it could be a great start. Entrance fee is Rs 100 per person.

  1. Thanks for the valuable information. Now I can easily plan my day in mussoorie. Loved how you made it very particular about the timings, the cost must watch and checklist.
    loved to check out more places review from you as I am in India for 2 months.