The Eight Winds -The Path of the Wise - Reena Rawat

The Eight Winds -The Path of the Wise

The eight winds are the conditions that obstruct the Buddhism, consisting of the four favourable winds and four adverse winds. These are defined as follows:

1. Prosperity: Prospering through gain or advantage
2. Honour: Being honoured or acclaimed by the public.
3. Praise: Being praised by those around one.
4. Pleasure: Experiencing enjoyment, physically or mentally.
5. Decline: Suffering various kinds of loss or disadvantage.
6. Disgrace: Being scorned by the public.
7. Censure: Being slandered by those around one.
8. Suffering: Experiencing suffering, physically or mentally.

Generally people welcome the four favourable winds and seek to avoid the four adverse winds, but even the four favourable winds represent only temporary, relative forms of happiness.

A wise person is one who has the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong, a person with the ability to grasp the essence of the matter.

The way of the wise is to practise in exact accord with the correct teaching and follow the guidance of the correct teacher.

Everything starts with an individual. A new age begins from the heart of each one of us.

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