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Experience the Floral Beauty of Saudi Arabia with These Extraordinary Flowers

Saudi Arabia is an important peninsular country which is said to be the epicentre of Islam all over the world. It is known by people across various countries and regions due to its two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. However, there is a lot more about Saudi Arabia due to its distinct flower species that are not found in any other part outside Arabia. If you want to explore the beauty of this Middle East country, you need to check out the various amazing flowers found in this country. Take a quick look below:

Blood Lily- This amazing flower is scientifically known as Scadoxus multiflorus. The bulbous plant is widely grown in the Arabian Peninsula for its ornamental properties and brightly coloured flowers. It is a native flower of Saudi Arabia and the various other pockets of Sub-Saharan Africa. You can easily found it at any road side flower shop in Saudi Arabia.

Red Acacia- Although, it is not commonly found in Saudi Arabia but its bright red clusters of flowers make it a fascinating variety with feathery leaves. The tree of this wonderful plant is also known for providing Arabic gum.

Salvia tingitana- Earlier, the flower was speculated to be the native of Northern Africa but a remarkable finding regarding the wild population of this species in Saudi Arabia changed the complete narration. The plant has bi-coloured flowers and grows in whorls. It is one of the fascinating flowers in Saudi Arabia due to the dull yellow colour of its upper lip with a striking hue of lavender on its lower lip.

Tamarix Gallica- Being indigenous to Saudi Arabia and various areas in the Mediterranean, this wonderful plant is used for ornamental purposes. It has striking pink tiny flower spikes and is also used as a medicinal cure for rheumatism and diarrhoea in Northern Africa.

Jasminum grandiflorum- The beautiful flowers of Jasmine are renowned for their extraordinary fragrance and grow in various pockets across Saudi Arabia. These flowers require a warm temperature or subtropical environment for their proper growth and can be easily found in the mountainous regions of the country. They are also used in the preparation of perfumes and scents.

Cemetery Iris- Scientifically known as Iris albicans, the species is known to grow well in the Middle East and various other regions in North Africa. It consists of fan shaped inflorescence with 2 or 3 white colour flowers along with a silvery bud. The flower is said to be the oldest iris in cultivation and its origin is believed to be either in Yemen or Saudi Arabia. You can easily send this amazing flower to your loved ones on special occasion through the help of an efficient flower delivery in Saudi Arabia.     

So, visit any online or offline shop in Saudi Arabia and pick any of these elegant flowers for your dear ones on any special occasion or event. It is time to offer your best wishes in a fragrant and fresh manner.

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